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Delhi, the capital of India is famous for its various attractions like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Lotus temple and recent addition is Delhi metro. Delhi is not only famous for spicy mouthwatering but also for GB road, a red light area housing call girls and prostitutes over decades. Although service of a call girl or prostitutes is legally an in India but still this flourishing call girl business does well in Delhi under the nose of Delhi police.

A research done by our associate revels that a whooping turnover of 5-6 cores in Delhi call girl industry per day. The GB Road alone does a business of 80 Lakhs to 1 crore per day and rest of the call girl business is done by privately or independently held call girl agencies in Delhi. Despite such a huge cash flow only 10% of the cash goes to the call girl or the sex worker in sex workplaces like GB Road. The call girl earning in the unorganized sector is slightly better. They get around 40% of the kitty of the customer charge out. The independent call girls are better off – they generally en-cash 100% of customer charge out.

Post 2006 the infrastructure of Delhi improvised at suffocating speed so the call girl industry. The services of Delhi call girl industry also noticed those changes and got upgraded. The phenomenal change in the Delhi call girl sector is due to continuous challenges from the privately held agencies that lured the customers with better services. Pre 2006 Delhi call girl industry served like a robot, and never took care of man’s needs other than ejaculation. Now the call girl quarters located at Delhi provides with far better services than of 2006. The improvement is like etiquette, airy rooms, better bed, liquor on demand and even better branded condoms.

Delhi is a meeting paradise for political leader, businessman, foreigners, cricketers, celebrities and common man irrespective of cast and creed. It is believed that “A MAN WITHOUT WIFE IS LIKE A STREET DOG – THIRSTY FOR SEX AND READY TO PAY ANY AMOUNT FOR A PERFECT MEET WITH A CALL GIRL”. Since Delhi is the capital of the country and loaded with all the flavors’ few people specifically come to the state of Delhi to find a perfect matched call girl. Sometimes they find it and sometimes not.
Although the marked call girl area (GB Road) is reputed for years, only people with low budget visit this place. People looking for high budget call girl avoids those places and prefer to go with a privately held call girl agency or independent call girls.

A call girl service has been existent not in Delhi but also in the entire world. Over the times it has been witnessed by our history that man is a slave of beauty. Let it be a king or a connoisseur of king became under dominate. Call girls existed in all time even in the eras we left thousand years back.

Is call girl service defaming woman? Absolutely NO. The call girl service has been into existence from the date human being has learned to do sex with opposite sex. It is suggested that call girl services should be avoided if it is not safe and does not comply with your standards.

Call girl industry is found to be underserviced in 2006-2007. So the inventors came up with private settlements located not only in the narrow lanes but also in the posh localities like Defense colony, South Extension and Lodhi road. Call girl service being illegal the promoters of this industry picked the western word escort service. Literally escort service means a company or guide kind of thing, but call girl sector mushroomed and got bigger and bigger over the years under the banner of escort service. If you search for a keyword Delhi escorts or Delhi escort you will find lot of sites and ads offering Escort service. There are some Delhi escort agencies who claim that they can provide you ramp model escort or celebrity escort. It is true that if you are ready to pay the agreed amount you will get a real and genuine ramp model escort or celebrity escort as you companion. Since making money with Delhi escort service has become an easy task you will find lot of college girl escorts, airhostess escorts and ramp model escorts serving the industry. An escort agency can be started with a very low investment in any upscale colony of Delhi – many people with high educational background opted this profession due to quick and huge cash.

Due to westernization, the demands for changes on escort services noticed by its promoters. The escort agency updated their services and tried to match as that of western escort service. Now a day the escort agency in Delhi does not only offer just mare sex service, but also almost all services are offered as that of western escort agency.

Some escort agency in Delhi gone beyond the conventional female escort service and started offering many add on services. The add on services include travel escort service, dating escort service or party escort service.

The travel escort service came as a boon for business travellers, who often found their business trips boring and frustrating. Now they have an option to hire a travel escort converting the business trip to a pleasure trip. The solo traveller finds a companion for travel time, and a bed partner after business meetings. Since escort industry started employing smart, decent and educated females the business traveller even hires a female escort as a personal assistant. The female travel escort may be a costly affair but demand for female travel escort is increasing day by day.

scorts are also offered for short time party, where the client takes the escort to some pub or disc. Also few prefer to take those Delhi female escorts to high class parties to show off. Few choose to take female escorts over a long drive. It has also become a popular idea to take a female escort for a weekend trip to hill station or sea beach.

Thought process goes on in the escort industry and the newest invention is “girlfriend like experience”. This service is not meant for the people who want to avail an escort service for a short period or mare cash. Under the pattern of this kind of escort service the escort or the customer is not in a hurry and rush for sexual encounter. They take time to know each other and finally the ultimate service is provided. Delhi escorts who entertain customer with “girlfriend like experience” and generally classy and sophisticated and charge out may vary from 80000/- to 1 lakh.

The call girl industry is facing a tough competition from the female escort service which is getting bigger and bigger and bringing up more and more erotic and sensual services. The introduction of celebrity and ramp model escort service is like a crown in the hat.
VIP escort service and Independent escort is also smoking hot. VIP escort service is generally offered by top class models trained professionally to deliver most erotic service. Independent escorts are not attached to any agency to offer female escort service. Rather they offer independent escort service directly to the customer and service type is typically out call service.

In call escort service is a service where the customer visits the escort. In call service is offered in private flats. Female escort visits the customer place to provide out call service. The out call escort service is offered in star hotels or only after verification of out call site.